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Welcome to the Alternative Aussie Clinic. Our approach to patient care isn’t just about dealing with the symptoms; it’s about looking at the whole picture. We blend traditional medical know-how with naturopathic wisdom, making sure we’re up to speed with the latest and greatest in health science. It’s all about keeping it fair dinkum – real, honest, and effective care.

Why Choose Aussie Clinic?

Founded in early 2018 by a group of top-notch medical professionals, Aussie Clinic has quickly become the go-to place for alternative treatments in Australia. We’re all about breaking down the barriers to holistic care and making sure you get the help you need. Today, we’re proud to be Australia’s leading service provider in holistic plant-based health.

Over 40,000 patient consultations and counting – that’s a lot of happy customers!

Specialising in affordable chronic disease assessment with a range of alternative treatment options.

Boasting the largest range of plant-based medical products, delivered right to your doorstep, no worries!

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Got a question or need to book an appointment? Just give us a bell or drop us a line through our website. Our friendly team is always here to help you out!

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